Working with government schemes and grants

Cost cutting bill solutions

Free cavity wall insulation

On average a household can save £150+ per year on their energy bills if they have the correct insulation installed.  This government scheme is currently only available in England, Scotland and Wales but it is available to the majority of households. Click here for more on cavity wall insulation.

Long term association grants

There are funding programmes that can help you cut costs and improve your property with housing association grants. Read more.

For this association grant the rules and conditions will differ from council to council in terms of funding and who qualifies for it.

This grants are only given out in specific circumstances and it must been seen as compulsory in the majority of circumstances.

Quick fix home help schemes

free smoke alarm fittingEvery scheme will have requirements in order to be able to qualify for it and this will often be due to its purpose of the need of the intended audience.

For example there are several home repair and maintenance help services setup in the UK to help the elderly, disabled and those on a low income.

Free fire alarm check

We cannot stress enough as to how important it is to make sure that your fire alarm works correctly. Many local fire stations off a free testing service along with a risk assessment within your home.  Although this scheme can be used by anyone it is aimed at the elderly and homes with children in. Contact us.