UK Funeral Costs

Do you know how much a funeral costs?

From recent research, the average funeral costs approx. £5,000. But if you want extras, then prices can be even more expensive. If you invest in a pre-paid funeral plan, then you can avoid the rising costs of funeral, as well as planning the kind of funeral you want. provides you with all the information you need to plan the best funeral.

Why should you consider planning your funeral now?

A funeral plan covers costs of your send off when you pass away. Most of the time, you can buy them from a funeral plan provider which would then be given to the funeral director in order to have your ceremony how you wanted it to be.

Your family won’t have the stress of financing and planning your funeral when experiencing such emotions of a loved one passing.  Find out how else you can manage your finances.

What’s covered in a pre-paid plan?

Typical funeral plans will cover the basic costs. This normally includes the coffin, body care, transport and a hearse. However you can add extras such as flowers, a wake or extra vehicles.

Deciding which plan to go with can be difficult as there will be many options available to you – but choose one that best suits your needs and one you can afford. Click here to see the benefits.

Fix the cost of your funeral

A pre-paid funeral will vary in costs. Added extras mean your expenses will be higher, but again this is completely your choice. There are usually three to four tiers to choose from.

There are also different ways of paying. You can choose the pay the plan upfront, keeping with today’s costs of funerals or you can spread the payment over 12 monthly instalments.

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