How To Approach The Process Of Raising Finance?

How to approach the process of raising finance?

Ever tried to make a large sale to a new customer? Do you just walk up to them with a brochure and ask them yes or no?

No, you prepare for it properly. You research your customer. You find out what they like to buy, what products they have bought in the past. You might tweak your product or sales pitch accordingly. You investigate who are the key decision makers. You use your network to get introduced. You try to build a relationship before you start selling. And you only make your sales pitch when you think you have maximised your chances of being successful.

Well, you should approach raising finance in exactly the same way and the Growth Investment Network can help you do that.

Research your potential investors. Visit their websites. Research the deals that they have completed recently. Read more about investors

Understand what it is they are looking for and change your investment proposal accordingly. Use our investment readiness specialists to help. Connect Midlands run some great events to help you with this.

Network with others who have raised finance and ask them for their advice, learn from their experiences.
Attend our events to meet these investors and hear from others who have raised finance. Introduce yourself to the investors but don’t pitch straight at them! Ask them what they are looking for in an investment. Try to build a relationship. ‘People buy people’ and investment decisions are often people based as well.

Finally, research and understand how to pitch successfully. Target the investors you wish to pitch to and ready, aim, fire!